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»In the future, prototype holistic-healing centers will evolve a multidimensional approach to therapy which will utilize physical treatments, including spinal manipulation and proper nutrition; the use of various subtle energetic therapies; and psychotherapy to help the individual deal with maladaptive strategies that have been inappropriately used for coping with stress.«


From: Vibrational Medicine (2001), dr.Richard Gerber

(More than 125,000 copies sold)

The future is now!



Our idea of ​​combining therapies, services and products under one roof pursued the higher interests that are only being revealed now. According to the above statement by Dr. Gerber you get the idea of just how important Anima Soma Center is for the future, as it provides a prototype of how holistic centers should work.


This is not an advertisement, but a fact, because at Anima Soma Center you get exactly what you need precisely because of our large selection of techniques and vibrational tools.


We provide treatments for all areas of energy healing, as your inner peace is the result of harmony and balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels.


When any of the levels falls out of balance, you feel agitation, pain, and loss of wholeness. In order to restore balance, we must support all levels.


When you are in a state of inner equilibrium, this is reflected in greater clarity, emotional stability and, consequently, excellent physical health.


Our job is not to convince you what’s good and what’s not good for you. Together with many of the Anima Soma Center staff, we are here for you because we follow our inner guidance. Our specific mission is to serve to raise awareness. We will not force you to harmonize your wholeness, to connect with the Higher Self, to refine your emotions and to initiate self-healing abilities. This is something you must decide for yourself, you’ll might need to lose your Ego first. And we will make sure you get all the support you can at all levels.

Our Services


Also known as »ice sauna« exposes your body to sub-zero temperatures for many enhancing benefits:

-Pain relief and muscle healing

-Weight loss

-Reduced inflammation

-Eases migraine headaches

-Reduces anxiety and depression

-Improves symptoms of eczema


Tachyons have an extraordinary healing and harmonizing effect. They can completely harmonize all energy fields, your mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. A healing session inside the Tachyon chamber takes 20 minutes and has irreversible positive effects on all aspects of your being.


Learn to manage your emotions and release your emotional baggage. A professional life coach and flower essences therapist will make you a custom made treatment bottle of individual flower remedies that will help you balance your emotions.


Comprehensive Treatment Package

3 treatments for 3 levels:

-Physical regeneration and enhancement


-Mental and emotional balance

(Life Coach with flower Essences)


(Tachyon room)

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